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Sherwin-Williams Gallery Series™ Waterborne Topcoat Review

When choosing the right paint for your next project, having local options can be convenient and readily accessible. Sherwin-Williams™ has been a trusted name in the painting industry, and their Gallery Series™ Waterborne Topcoat has garnered attention for its professional-grade features. However, it is essential to explore how this local option stacks up against its Italian Counterparts.

One such rival in the waterborne coatings arena is Renner Wood Coatings, known for its Italian Waterborne coatings that have taken a stronghold in the Industrial wood coating market and also captured the attention of professional painting contractors and re-finishers for their ease of use and beautiful appearance. Let's take a closer look at how the two compare:

  1. Solids Content and Coverage: Renner Wood Coatings boast a higher solids content than Sherwin-Williams Gallery Series™. Higher solids mean more paint pigment and binder in each coat, translating to better coverage and opacity. With the Italian Waterborne coatings, you may achieve one-coat coverage, reducing the time and effort spent on multiple applications, unlike the Gallery Series™, which may require 2-3 coats for full coverage, according to the PDS on the SW website.

  2. Vertical Hang and Transparency: Achieving an even finish on vertical surfaces, such as cabinets and millwork, can be challenging. Here, Renner Wood Coatings' Italian Waterborne products excel, providing excellent vertical hang properties that result in a smoother, more uniform appearance. On the other hand, some users have reported that the Gallery Series™ Waterborne Topcoat struggles with vertical application, potentially leading to runs and sags.

  3. Quality and Performance: While Sherwin-Williams' Gallery Series™ offers impressive features like fast dry times and a durable finish, Renner Wood Coatings' are world-renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. With their advanced formulations and proven track record, professionals can trust in Renner products' consistent, high-quality results.

  4. Number of Coats Required: As mentioned earlier, the Gallery Series™ may need 2-3 coats for complete coverage, while Renner Wood Coatings' Italian Waterborne counterparts® often require just one coat. This significant difference saves time and labor and reduces material costs, making Renner products a cost-effective option in the long run.

It's important to note that both Sherwin-Williams™ and Renner Wood Coatings are reputable companies with a history of providing top-notch products. The choice ultimately depends on your specific project requirements and priorities. The Gallery Series™ Waterborne Topcoat from Sherwin-Williams could be a great local option if convenience and availability are paramount.

However, if you prioritize superior coverage, ease of application, and outstanding performance, Renner Wood Coatings is a better overall product with a lower application cost. By opting for Renner, you can achieve stunning results with fewer coats, ensuring an efficient and satisfying painting experience.

Before making your final decision, consider contacting local dealers or professionals with experience with both brands to gather insights and feedback. Remember, an informed choice will lead to a successful and gratifying painting project. Happy painting!

For more information on Renner Wood Coatings, Reach out to Fine Finish Supply

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